Though water scarcity stares in the face of Ongole town, municipal officials fail to plug leakages in the pipeline leading to wastage of precious water.

Drinking water has been leaking out of a pipeline near Tulasiram cinema flooding the arterial Kurnool road for the last few days causing hardship to the commuters.

Drinking water seems to be a perennial problem for Ongole town. The town has two summer storage tanks and Ramatheertham balancing reservoir has been completed to augment water supply to them. Yet the town is beset with water problem. Public Health Department takes its own sweet time to complete Rs. 16 crore drinking water augmentation scheme.

And municipal officials do not attend to leakages promptly.

As water availability dwindled in this summer season, officials revised water supply schedule. They are now supplying drinking water once in four days instead of three days before. Can they afford wastage of water in this precarious situation is a mute point.

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