Post-bifurcation many political leaders, especially those from the Congress, appear to be on a ‘shopping spree’. Akin to one moving from one shopping mall to another, these leaders have been moving from one party to another -- be it the TDP, BJP or the YSRC -- hoping to gain an entry. While some made it using their clout and money power, those who could not are now looking to get back to their parent party! It is believed that one politician-turned-entrepreneur was so desperate that he finally settled for Jana Sena after trying all possible ways to get into YSRC and TDP. In today’s politics it seems there is no place for ethics and loyalty, which was once the hallmark of Indian ‘Rajneeti’.

‘Friendly’ rivals

When the entire Andhra Pradesh archery team, which emerged as the overall champions, posed with the administrators for a photo-up at IGMC stadium here, there were some moist eyes. The coaches and officials were sad that the archers will not be representing united Andhra Pradesh any longer. With the appointed day (June 2) fast approaching, archery along with other sporting disciplines will have two teams from both the regions and henceforth they will be pitted against each other as rivals. “Geographically we may get new identities. But we are brothers and shall remain forever. We will help each other in promoting archery in a big way in both regions,” said an administrator from Hyderabad.

Code bound

Election fever is all pervasive these days and the fear of attracting punitive action for violating the Code of Conduct haunts everyone. Even the government departments are taking precautions to avoid trouble. The city police have brought out a booklet on the election code, the discom hosted the same thing on its website for the benefit of its workforce and other departments too are following suit. There will be a team of observers, micro-observers, flying squads and so on to keep an eye on deviations. Those who cross the line will be in trouble which will only make the summer even more ‘scorching’ for them.


Private firms are always on the lookout for occasions to advertise their products and services and ‘Sri Ramanavami’ festival was one such occasion for many. A few real estate companies were showering offers on buyers interested in plots, flats or agricultural lands. For the past few days, a real-estate firm is issuing advertisements in a vernacular news channel announcing special offers. It is offering 50 sq yards land worth over Rs.99,000 for just Rs.75,000. Well, call it marketing strategy or otherwise, even occasions like Sri Ramanavami are not being spared by these hardcore businessmen to influence buyers. Rama…Rama.

Elections and excuses

Government authorities always look for excuses to cover up delays in executing projects and works. For the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation officials, elections seem to have come as a blessing in disguise.

Many officials are deployed on poll duty and citing the election code, many works are held up. Initially, the officials cited municipal elections as an excuse for the delay in completing works and now its general elections. Some things never seem to change.

Missing out

on big names

Andhra Pradesh Library Association recently organised valedictory function of its centenary celebrations in the city. The association came out with a colourful card with quotations from Rick Riordan, Carlos Maria and Neil Gaimon. Strikingly not a single quotation was there from eminent personalities like Gadicharla Harisarvottama Rao and Ayyanki Venkata Ramanaiah, who spearheaded the library movement in the State during the freedom struggle. Much to the dismay of the reporters, an organiser said, “They haven’t given any quotes on the libraries.”

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