All is not well in Krishna district unit of YSR Congress Party that was launched about four years ago and yet to face a full scale Assembly or general election.

While the centre of all political activity of the party takes place in Vijayawada city, one striking thing that has come to the fore is lack of unity among its top leaders, which has percolated down to the grassroots level . Every leader in the party is busy showcasing his or her political mettle through visible one-upmanship.

This fact is evident from the absence of any joint or combined effort when it comes to the Samaikyandhra agitation.

A senior party worker pointed out that personal differences must be resolved and all leaders come together to defeat Congress and TDP designs. “We should pick up a few threads from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), in this regard. There were about 150 programmes during the three months from August to October and only 10 were jointly organised”, he pointed out Another noticeable undercurrent is the frustration among the workers, especially among the mid-level cadres. There is a feeling that when the party president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy spent 15 months behind bars, after the formation of the party, it was this mid-level cadre, who had actually done all the groundwork to keep the party’s flag fluttering, but they had been forgotten.

They now believe that they are being sidelined by new people who were flocking to the party and were around Mr. Jagan after his release from the jail. “We hope that Mr. Jagan will differentiate between the loyalists and opportunists,” said a party worker.

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