A research facility on solar energy and the study of the development of reactors for this purpose would be established on the KL University campus, said pro tem chancellor Jammi Srinivas.

Artificial generation

Speaking after taking over charge on Thursday, Dr. Srinivas said that boundless energy was emanating from the sun and experiments and research was going on to develop facilities to generate that kind of energy on earth so as to use the same for the benefit of society.

He said that research had already proved that solar energy could be artificially generated. Dr. Srinivas further said that for creating facilities to generate boundless energy, very powerful and efficient machines would be needed and research was being conducted at a high level on this aspect now.

These experiments were being conducted in countries like US, France, England, China, Korea, Japan and India. The special lab to work on this research area at KL University would be of immense help to the students and faculty of mechanical, electrical and other departments.

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