Using technology to save lives, the students of K.L. University have developed a series of projects in South Central Railway as part of their academic curriculum.

“An autonomous and automatic accident information system using advanced Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor is one of the highlights,” University Vice-Chancellor R. Sreehari Rao told a press conference here on Wednesday.

Pointing to the working models displayed and developed by the students to demonstrate the various scientific principles in a demonstration, Mr. Rao said that in most fatal accidents, typical accelerations experienced by passengers inside the vehicle exceeds three times the gravity due to which the passengers undergo a blackout due to loss of consciousness.

“When accidents occur at night, it is even more difficult to reach the victims in time. The time elapsed between the accident and the start of the treatment is very precious. With an autonomous device which can sense the collision and send an alert message automatically to the authorities concerned, more lives can be saved.” “This project is aimed at developing such a device to meet emergency situations. This device makes use of MEMS based accelerometer (ADXL001) as the primary collision sensing device along with the GPS (PROGIN SR—87 series) and GSM (SIM900A) for finding out the location of vehicle and communication respectively,” said Mr. Rao

Digital pulse

“Whenever the vehicle meets with a frontal collision the censor responds and converts the mechanical vibrations into corresponding electrical signals. These are immediately processed to generate a digital pulse of 5v which acts as a ‘trigger’ signal for the micro-controller to act,” explained one of the girls demonstrating the working of a rail tracking system.

Principal A. Anand Kumar said that the students had taken up 10-12 projects suggesting ways of trouble-shooting at the time of fire mishaps in a moving train or signalling failure. “The projects have a lot of commercial importance. Our students have made their mark and in recognition of their exceptional talent, job offers worth Rs.17.5 lakh per annum are coming their way,” he claimed. Head of the ECE Department Habibullah Khan, Srinivasa Babu of ECE Department, Director (Admissions) P. Srinivas and others were present.


Robot models impress students August 19, 2012

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