R&B personnel sprucing up GS Raju Road with amazing speed

The people of Satyanarayanapuram and Muthyalampadu endured the potholes and trenches on G.S. Raju Road for nearly a year. Two-wheeler and even four-wheeler users needed tremendous skill to turn into the Autonagar 100 ft Road from Bandar Road.

The T-junction was full of potholes. Thanks to Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy’s visit the Roads and Buildings Department has suddenly woken up and is sprucing up the city along with roads.

Initially, one side (the one further away from Eluru canal) of the double road was dug up for laying huge underground drainage pipeline. The traffic going from railway station towards Ajitsinghnagar, Payakapuram, Subhaschandra Bose Nagar, Nunna, and Nuzvid had to make do with half the road.

The laying of the drainage pipeline was completed, but the filling of the trench took a long time. Even before the trench dug up for the drainage pipeline got filled and black-topped road digging began for the laying of piped natural gas.

Many unfortunate drivers, including that of trucks, found out the hard way that they had treaded into unknown territory. The vehicles stuck in the trenches of loose soil and had to be lifted up with cranes.

The consolidation of the loose soil was taken up only after a few vehicles got stuck.

As if to make matters worse the monsoon began and black topping was put off inordinately.

With the Chief Minister scheduled to visit the city on Thursday, the R&B Department seems to have suddenly woken up and is repairing roads on which he is scheduled to move. The G.S. Raju Road is the only road on which the Chief Minister can go to the Ajitsinghnagar Stadium to interact with members of the Self Help Groups.

The amazing speed with which the Autonagar 100 ft Road is being spruced up is also incredible.

All the pot-holes at the T-Junction on Bandar Road have been filled. Small cracks and gaps in the cement road have all been filled and the divider too got a new coat of paint, the slight drizzle notwithstanding. The Chief Minister will inaugurate a water treatment plant in Autonagar.

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