Expert speakers at a panel discussion on “Managerial skill development” organised by the department of management studies of the Potti Sriramulu Chalavadi Mallikarjuna Rao College of Engineering and Technology here on Monday advised the students to develop the right kind of attitude to achieve success in their future careers.

T. Chandrasekhara Rao, executive director of Vilan Industries, said that the so-called job crisis was witnessed in the IT sector only and it was not felt in the manufacturing industries any where in the world. “There is no severe economic crisis in India. It is just a slowdown here. For candidates with good attitude, the industry has lot of opportunities even in the city itself,” he added.

Mr. Rao advised the management students to boldly come forward and accept responsibilities that they would have to take up in order to grow up in life. He said that many graduates were not willing to accept challenges and take up jobs as supervisors or such posts at industrial units despite the fact that these positions would also give them a lot of scope to prove their mettle.

Better Castings chief executive officer J.S.R.K. Prasad and Vikram Publishers managing director R. Srinivasa Vikram, who were also the panellists on the discussion, touched upon the aspects of personality that was required to shine in managerial positions. They pointed out that there was no fixed formula for an individual to savour success in managerial positions, as it was evident from their experience in the industry.

Small beginning

J.S.R.K. Prasad said that there were a good number of instances where individuals started from small beginnings but reached top-most positions in the management ladder in major industries and businesses. Mr. Srinivasa Vikram said that a managerial aspirant should not confine to specialisations like HR, finance or marketing, but they should focus on acquiring knowledge of all areas that would concern an industry or business. V. Vijaya Durga Prasad, head of the department, presided over the discussion.

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