Enrolment for issue of Aadhar cards by designated centres set up for the purpose is being done free of cost.

“No fee is charged for enrolment of people for issue of Aadhar cards,” clarified Joint Collector Gaurav Uppal, at a press conference here.

He said that there were several misconceptions among the public with regard to the enrolment process and it was necessary to clear the air.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), an agency of the Government of India responsible for implementing the envisioned Aadhar, a unique identification project in India, had appointed the Reserve Bank of India as national registrar to carry out enrolments.

The RBI had delegated the State Bank of India (SBI) to enrol people for the UID and it had hired the Hyderabad-based software firm 4G Solutions for enrolments.

“Since the Commissioner of Civil Supplies is also a registrar, enrolment is being done through the DPL centres also,” he said, adding that enrolment centres had been set up on the premises of post offices to carry out enrolment.

Shortage of surveyors

Referring to the issue of shortage of land surveyors, Dr. Uppal said the district administration had received instructions from the State Commissioner for Survey, Settlement, for appointment of 400-odd licensed surveyors to bridge the gap. He said that a five-man committee had been constituted for the purpose.

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