Lack of proper drainage system hits vendors and customers

Showers expose the chinks in maintenance of Swaraj Maidan Rythu Bazaar - the biggest one in the district. The pathways in the market have turned muddy and slippery with showers that greeted the city on Monday.

The market is filled with storm water and anxious vegetable vendors flushed out the rainwater with buckets.

The rubbish and waste has spilled all over the place and piled up. The garbage dumps along with sewerage water could be seen in rythu bazaar causing problems for trucks and other vehicles bringing in and taking out the vegetables. The unpleasant smell of rotten organic matter along with sewerage water is not only a big problem for vendors but also for the customers.

There are 204 shops in the bazaar selling vegetables, rice and pulses, flowers and seasonal vegetables. Of this, 116 are permanent stalls. Not less than 7,000 customers visit the Swaraj Maidan Rythu Bazaar every day. The rush touches 10,000 if it is a Sunday or a holiday. About 52,500 quintals of vegetables arrive every day in the market.

Despite this, the maintenance is very poor causing hardships to the customers and vendors alike.

The vegetable vendors say the overflow is mainly due to lack of proper drainage system around the compound. The rainfall has also caused drains to overflow, leaving them flooded.

“It is very difficult to wade through the stagnated waters. And less we speak about the foul smell emanating from garbage dumps and overflowing sewer is better,” says Rajasree, a homemaker.

It is not just during the rainy season. The problem persists through out the year.

The overflowing garbage and rotten organic matter greet the visitors. “The people are compelled to bear the stench and untidy environs to save a rupee or two,” adds Iqbal, another visitor.

The Rythu Bazaar officials say that the proposals to lay tar roads in the bazaar are sent to the government. Meanwhile, the quarry dust would be used to cover the muddy paths, they say.

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