International Children's Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour at SKCV Premavihar Children's Village in Bhavanipuram here on Tuesday. The Hindu in association with D.V. Manor Hotel conducted the celebrations with the Forum for Child Rights and SKCV Children's Trust.

As part of the celebrations the D.V. Manor Hotel provided the 300 underprivileged children from different shelters and homes in the city, a packet of freshly prepared chocolate cookies, a fruit muffin and some savoury items. On the occasion, D.V. Manor Hotel vice-president Rajesh Berry said “due to paucity of time, we could not do much for you. I assure you, in days-to-come, we will associate with you more and more.”

Sylvester (Silver Star) had everyone in fits of laughter with his mimicry, and the inmates of SKCV and guests where spellbound by the tricks and illusions of magician Venkat. The environs were filled with cheers and claps with the children getting thoroughly engrossed in the mimicry and magic shows.

Sylvester made an impressive entry on to the stage with new imitations of Junior NTR, dialogues from Telugu movie ‘Arundhati', and class room scene with latest jokes. The item mimicking a mix of helicopter, the sirens of security vehicles, deafening YSR zindabad slogans, YSR speech, crash of helicopter, and shrill voices of johar YSR captivated the audiences. The magic show was equally beguiling, and the children were visibly puzzled when Mr. Venkat produced flowers and sweets from thin air. The audience enjoyed the handkerchief-in-the-bag trick was performed. The handkerchief disappears when boy searches for it in the bag where the magician places it and reappeared when a girl put her hand in the bag.

Later, The Hindu Regional General Manager K. Chandrasekharan, Mr. Rajesh Berry, SKCV chairperson Bhakti Manihara and others paid tributes to Manihara, who founded the SKCV Trust.

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