The idea was to take a few interesting couples, toss them into a common situation and see the emotional and comedy sparks fly.

The eight couples that hogged the limelight at Uninor’s ‘Refreshingly Photogenic Couple’ contest, organised in the city on Sunday, seemed as delightful as the event itself.

A part of the event at the Seven Days’ Restaurant on Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road turned into an ecstatic zone for couples eager to keep the element of romance alive in their relationship. Of the 25 aspiring pairs that enrolled for the title, eight of them were short listed.

The eight pairs – Sridhar-Himabindu, Srinivas-Lakshmi, Seshu-Madhumati, Mazhar Ahmed-Gayathri, Karunasri-Ramana Gupta, Manmohan Singh-Arvinda, Jagannadh-Manga and Satish-Sarita – recounted tales of their acquaintance and companionship and the quiet blossoming of love before they could realise. “We were school friends. As we grew up, our friendship also grew into a very strong emotion of love. She is a very beautiful human being, both from outside and inside. That probably pulled me to her. She was always active in co-curricular activities and her voice would often be heard on college mike. I would go there, spend some time around just to listen to her sweet voice,” recalled Mazhar Ahmed, a dentist from Guntur.

The strikingly attractive couple of Mazhar Ahmed and his better half Gayathri emerged winners of the event.

“There was this strange thing about our gifts. Whenever I would gift her something, she would give it back to me to preserve for fear of her parents or others at home knowing about it,” he said, waling down the memory lane.

The tales of love, companionship and compatibility were as interesting as invigorating. To mark Valentine’s Day, Uninor organised the event in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

Interested couples were asked to drop their photographs at a designated place much in advance to the actual event. The ‘eligible’ ones were then invited for the event in their respective cities.

Gala reward

“Besides giving participation gifts to all the participating couples, our gala reward are a special treat.

The winning couple will have their faces on the Uninor hoarding. The hoarding will be displayed near Siddhartha College of Arts,” said the company’s marketing head Vijay Kumar.

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