Gross injustice has been done to the Backward Classes in the reservation of seats for them in panchayat elections in Krishna District, BC leader and former PCC secretary Kolanukonda Sivaji has said.

In a statement here on Friday Mr. Sivaji said the BCs were allocated just 251 out of the 970 gram panchayats in the district.

As per the Constitution the BCs were eligible for 34 per cent seats and therefore 329 seats in Krishna district. There was discrepancy in the allotment to the weaker sections and the Backward Classes.

While the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes were allocated 19.43 per cent and 6.77 per cent with the State as unit, the allotment to the BCs was done with the district as unit. There was some variation in the population of the BCs in the different districts just as there was in the population of the SCs and STs, but this was not fair by any measure, he said. There was no transparency in the method or basis used in deciding the number of seats for the BCs, Mr.Sivaji said. He urged District Collector Buddha Prakash M.Jyothi to conduct an inquiry into the way the number of seats for fixed for the BCs and rectify the lapses before the issue of the notification.


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