18 industries ask SPDCL to provide additional power of 4.7 mu per month during summer

With power crisis looming large, the industry is looking to buy additional power to continue its operations in the coming summer. As many as 18 continuous process industries, including cement, alloy, and spinning, have given their consent to buy the additional power over and above the power restrictions.

These 18 companies have asked the SPDCL to provide 4.7 mu, on an average, per month during the summer. The proposals were sent to Transco in January. The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) will fix the tariff for the additional power, which is called ‘expensive power' in power sector. However, no decision has been taken yet. The 18 industries have sought for additional power from January to May expecting that the power shortage will deepen in summer. At present, the entire industry is consuming 2 mu per day in the district. A power holiday of eight days per month is being imposed on the industry in the district. There are 14,350 industrial units in Krishna district under the SPDCL jurisdiction. Of these, 40 industrial connections, including 12 spinning mills, are major industries in the district.


As much as 8.5 million units (mu) are allocated to the SPDCL every day. Nearly 30 to 40 per cent of the allocated power is consumed by the industries. The SPDCL will purchase power from outside (open market) to meet their requirement.

The SPDCL has asked the industries to limit their power requirements to 60 per cent of recorded maximum demand. The industries would also have to limit their load to 60 per cent. The SPDCL has been implementing a load relief of 4 lakh units per day for industries. According to information, the Government recently announced an expensive power purchase charge (EPPC) provision to avoid power holidays to industry in the event of shortages. The scheme envisages differential pricing for supply of power when it is purchased by the utilities at a higher price during peak demand periods.