Indian media is vibrant compared to many others in the world, but needs to develop and evolve professionally to meet the international standards, said United Nations Office in Vienna Consultant for Publications Jayaraj Manepalli.

Addressing students of Acharya Nagarjuna University Journalism and Mass Communication, Mr. Jayaraj said that a number of changes had come in in Media professionalism due to vast change in the technology, which was touching upon all aspects of human relations. Delivering a lecture on `Media in the age of Globalisation' on the ANU campus on Tuesday, he dwelt extensively on how changes had come in the economic, cultural and Political aspects of different nations and the way international relations were looked at. Describing the cultural changes due to the globalisation of communication, he opined that some dominant cultures were trying to impose them on other communities/nations through commoditisation of culture. Indian media, which was vibrant and enjoyed a lot of freedom, needed to improve its professionalism in conducting itself sticking to some self-imposed ethics and principles.

A researcher in Political Science and International Relations at Vienna University in Austria, he is focusing his work on Energy Policy and Regional Integration, he told students. Explaining extensively about International Communication in the age of Internet, which had shrunk the world into Global Village, he advised students to think global by aiming at higher goals. Traditional way of communicating in any form of media was crumbling and the future journalists need to take it into their stride by keeping abreast with the latest developments.

Providing the students with some newspaper headlines and text he asked them to undergo an exercise to produce an imaginary newspaper for that day with a set of six news items out of 12 given to them. The session was attended by department head G. Chenna Reddy, faculty member T. Madhubabu and Assistant Professor G. Anita.

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