Inampudi drain serves as lifeline for the fishermen community that ekes out livelihood through contract fishing. Hundreds of the landless poor fisherfolk in Kaza and Kosuru in Movva mandal entered into contract with the local panchayats for fishing in the drain.

The drain passes through Movva, Ghantasala and Challapalli in Krishna district before it joins Gunderu drain at Challapalli. As fresh water fish is available in winter and rainy seasons and prawn in summer in the drain due to its nature of inflow and outflow, the panchayats along the drain make money through giving lease to fishermen for fishing.

The panchayats allot certain length of drain (in their jurisdiction) to the local fisherfolk on a lease basis.

“At least 50 fishermen from Kaza signed three-year lease with the neighbouring panchayats. Panchayats are, however, allowed to divert the drain water to their ponds to meet theirrigation needs,” said Chekka Nagendra of Kaza who signed lease with Ramulupeta panchayat.

Some 300 families of seasonal agriculture labour and landless poor in Kaza and Kosuru are depending on fishing in the drain, while the revenue accrued through lease agreements helps panchayats take up development works. “During summer prawn is available in the drain due to inflow of salt water,” said N. Nagendra.

Salt water inflow starts in March and lasts till July, the catching of prawn is best in May and June. In terms of investment to be made for better yield, the fishermen are fortunate as there is no need to offer feed to fish or maintaining water levels like growing fish in the ponds.

The catch, however, depends on how best the water is being arrested in strategic places like bushes.

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