Indian women who are not covered by health insurance like in the developed country are becoming unnecessary victims of breast and cervix cancer, said radiation oncologist R.Ramesh.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday Dr. Ramesh said health insurance made it mandatory for women in developed countries to get screened for breast and cervix cancer every year.

By diagnosing cervix cancer early (when it is in first stage) the life expectancy of the patient could be increased by 25 years Dr. Ramesh said. A radical hysterectomy was need for women diagnosed with cervix cancer. This involved the clearing of the associated lymph nodes and drains.

Changes in lifestyle and increase in pollution were resulting in more cases of breast cancer. Most women think that the entire breast would have to be removed if they had breast cancer, but if it was detected early only the tumour would be removed and the breast rebuilt with reconstructive surgery, Dr. Ramesh said.

A free breast cancer screening camp was going to be held in Anu Hospital on December 15 and 16.

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