Engineers should explore the alternatives, says expert

The concept of power generation came from our ancient Panchabhutas, said V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College Professor P.V.R.L. Narasimham.

At a seminar organised by the Institute of Engineers India (Vijayawada Chapter) on the occasion of the Energy Conservation Day, he started his talk by quoting the law of conservation of energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Different forms of energy are hidden in nature, he observed. Electrical engineers tap this and convert it into electrical form, he added.

“Energy is always first converted into electrical form because it can be transmitted long distances with high efficiency,” said the Electric and Electronic Engineering Professor. Once the energy is converted and transmitted then it is converted again into useful form,” he said.

The term energy conservation refers to efforts made to reduce consumption of energy, said Mr. Narasimham. If the business and trade sectors conserve energy it will result in financial security, national security, environment protection etc.

Former Chairman of the IEI Vijayawada M.R.S. Prakasa Rao on this occasion stated that dependence on thermal, hydro and gas generated power was not practical.

There were mainly three things that come to one’s mind when we think of energy and those were wind, water and coal, he said.

According to reports these natural resource will go extinct in the next 20 to 30 years, said Mr. Prakasa Rao. “We should try to save some of these for the future generations,” he said. Engineers should work on alternatives to generate power, he added.

The increasing luxurious way of leading life was increasing consumption, opined the former Chairman. He advised everyone to use appliances with five star ratings which consume less energy. The IEI Vijayawada Secretary V. Mallikarjuna and students from various colleges attended the seminar.

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