It was a celebration of gluttony at Planet Fun, a gaming and food court, on Saturday.

A large gathering enlivened the place which echoed with tales of foodies fond of flavours of all kinds.

The idly-eating competition, organised as part of an on-going idly festival, saw people of various age groups drawn from different walks of life walking in to prove their extraordinary appetite by gulping down as many idlis as possible.

The task given to the 50-odd contestants was to eat as many idlis as possible in 90 seconds.

Contestants sitting in a neat row, with plates of large size idlies in front of them made an interesting spectacle. Family members, on the sidelines, cheered and encouraged them with claps and whoops. The organisers made the situation tricky by denying the joy of chutney, sambar or one of those delicious ‘podi’ with the idlis.

The contenders were given only a glass of water to wash the stuff down the gullet.

It was all about how well one could swallow up things. Right from the word ‘Go’ the gluttonous lot were at their best, grabbing the white soft idlis and shoving it down the gullet at a remarkably swift pace.

If 26-year-old Vishnu demonstrated youth power by emerging as winner of the contest by gulping down seven idlis in 90 seconds, 55-year-old Suresh proved that age is no bar for those willing to make place for that extra fragments of food in their tummy. Trailing behind them was 18-year-old Sai who managed to stuff five idlis in the given time frame.

The winners were given coupons worth Rs. 1,000, Rs, 750 and Rs. 500 which could be used to feast on any of the goodies available in the food court at Planet Fun, free of cost.


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