‘How can the State be divided without addressing key issues?’

Condemning the disruption of a peaceful meeting conducted by lawyers in support of APNGOs, who are agitating for Samaikyandhra, at the NGO Home in Hyderabad on Sunday by the Advocate JAC of Telangana, 20-Point Programme Chairman N. Tulasi Reddy said days were not far when Hyderabad would turn into a second Palestine.

For the first time after the Samaikyandhra agitation gained momentum, leaders of all political parties came under one roof to voice their feelings at the meeting organised by convener of the Samaikyandhra Political JAC Kolanukonda Sivaji. It was attended by leaders from the Congress, the TDP, and the YSRC. “Residents will be forcibly displaced, thanks to the decision taken by the Congress Working Committee on the bifurcation of the State,” said Mr. Tulasi Reddy. It was the harbinger of many serious problems, he said, and added that it would not stop with physical or geographical carving out of two regions.

Comparing the present scenario with the breaking up of the erstwhile Soviet Union, Mr. Tualsi Reddy said the State had already been divided into six zones and tomorrow each zone would fight for a separate status. The impact of the Telangana agitation was already seen in other states, he added.

“Andhra Pradesh is ranked third among the prosperous states after Kerala and Punjab, and with the division it would sink,” he pointed out. Andhra Pradesh was formed after a thorough research by the Fazal Ali Committee in 1956. “How can it now be divided without addressing various issues such as job security and water or power sharing?” he questioned.

AP Official Language Committee Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad said the 3,000-year-old Telugu civilisation was at a turning point because of the CWC decision.

Criticising the leaders of various political parties, he pointed out that people were losing faith in the leaders because of their double standards.

“Today, the agitation is being led by the common man,” he pointed out. Mr. Buddha Prasad said that Vijayawada, which was the hub during the Visalandhra Mahasabha, should once again take the centre stage.

Former TDP Minister Vadde Sobhanadreeswara Rao said the CWC had ignored the Sri Krishna Committee report and setting up of Second SRC.

Jana Chaitanya Vedika State president V. Lakshma Reddy said people from all parts of Andhra had a big hand in the development of Hyderabad.

Others who spoke included Devineni Avinash, Devineni Nehru, and Tadi Sakuntala.