People of the district welcomed the new year in a night of revelry and high-pitch celebrations which went on till the early hours of Wednesday.

Some of the big hotels laid out a lavish spread of music, masti and plenty of drink and food. For most part of the celebrations the night seemed young as the teens, youth and families spent time outside their homes singing, dancing and shouting.

A scaled down version of the celebrations at some hotels and apartment complexes was also visible.

Apartment dwellers in Chandramouli Nagar and Brundavan Gardens, Lakshmipuram had their share of fun and arranged several programmes.

Amid all the buzz, District Collector S. Suresh Kumar, Superintendents of Police, J. Satyanarayana (Guntur Rural) and Gopinath Jatty, had a normal working day.

Busy day for leaders

Elected representatives, Minister for Agriculture Kanna Lakshminarayana, Rural Development Minister D.M Vara Prasada Rao, and MP Modugula Venugopal Reddy had a busy day receiving visitors and extending new year greetings to people.

Thanks to repeated police warnings, tipplers stayed away from the main roads and chose to party in the confines of their homes, while business was hectic and people engaged in some last-minute shopping. Most sweet shops had stalls on the main roads selling sweets in readymade packets of varying weights.

Flower vendors and bakeries had a brisk day selling bouquets. People thronged temples and churches for midnight prayers.

Interesting mix

The new year celebrations at Haailand were a combination of fast-paced music, dances and of course the fashion parade. Models from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore walked the ramp at the fashion show in the backdrop of high decibel music.

There were peppy dance numbers from hit movies and plenty of rib-tickling fun.

The crowds got treated to some high voltage action as the DJs and a private radio channel's RJs got into their spirits.

Programmes were also organised at Hotel Sindoori and Grand Nagarjuna hotel. Christians welcomed the new year with special prayers and midnight mass at Catholic churches.