In-charge executive officer and his predecessor lock horns over office room

Indrakeeladri was abuzz with activity for the past two days, not with the usual devotees, but with officials and the media thronging the temple premises following a clash for keys of the executive officer room.

Row over keys

The whole issue started with the in-charge executive officer Vishnu Prasad asking former executive officer Raghunath to hand over keys of the office room on Sunday. Mr. Raghunath requested Mr. Vishnu Prasad to give it in writing for which the latter did not respond and instead decided to break open the door.

Media invited

On Monday, Mr. Vishnu Prasad invited the media and former Corporator Jagannadham and former MLA Vangaveeti Radha Krishna as witnesses.

They waited for Mr. Vishnu Prasad for two hours but there was no sign of him. Mr. Jagannadham and Mr. Radha Krishna then went in person to enquire from the EO.


The EO denied that he had called them and asked them to leave. The former MLA and former corporator entered into an argument with the EO and they asked him to inform the same to the media.

The executive officer, however, in reply to a question, did not specify when he wanted to break open the door. When Mr. Jagannadham and Mr. Radha Krishna insisted that he should give the exact date, the executive officer went into a room and did not come out until everyone left the place.

The executive officer came out later and broke open the office door at 4 p.m. in the presence of MRO Srinivas.

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