The Irrigation Department is faced with a Herculean task of removing the water hyacinth that was blocking the flow of water in Budamerru Drain.

Large amount of the weed that got into the drain from swampy areas on either side of Budamerru gathered at the Devinagar Foot Bridge and the Gunadala-Nunna Road obstructing the free flow of water in the drain, which the Irrigation Department began removing on Thursday.

The weed collected for a stretch of over 1 km from the Devinagar Foot Bridge on Wednesday.

In a timely action the department officials took steps to ensure that weed did not collect at these points.

Irrigation Divisional Engineer Seshu Babu told The Hindu that water hyacinth on the bed of the drain was removed this summer while executing the annual maintenance plan. But, the recent rain pushed the water hyacinth from the low-lying swampy areas on either side into the drain.

As the amount of water hyacinth was too large, it was being pushed downstream. Since the Devinagar footbridge was too small for an excavator, the weed was pushed down manually.

In turn, the weed was being lifted by an excavator at the Gunadala-Nunna Road Bridge and pushed downstream.

The weed would be washed downstream to gather at the Enikepadu under tunnel.

The weed could be either sprayed with chemicals or removed by excavators at the spot without much inconvenience to the public, Mr. Seshu Babu said.

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