Former Union Minister J.D. Seelam said the voter was presented with choosing between “hell” that would be created if Narendra Modi became Prime Minister and “heaven” if the Congress was elected to power at the Centre.

Addressing a press conference at Andhra Ratna Bhavan here on Wednesday, Mr. Seelam said Congress leaders were making another yatra in the bus to tell voters the danger of Mr. Modi becoming PM. The TDP that in the past said that aligning with BJP was a big mistake was all set to repeat it. The Telugu Desam Party took away Rs 2 lakh acres from people of the weaker sections and established SEZs that were a benefit only to a section of people. Similar funds meant for the development of the weaker section were diverted to other projects, he charged. Answering a question on whether the weaker sections had now moved to the YSRC, Mr Seelam said that a section of the media was trying to make it “seem like that”. He said the Congress will give tickets to SCs and STs in seats that were not reserved for them, but where their population was high.

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