The slight showers, which excited the people three days ago, did not bring much respite to the people as the mercury shot up again. The people are having a tough time with temperatures soaring over 43 degree Celsius and the intense heat wave sweeping across the district for the last two days. This year the mercury shot beyond the 43 degree mark during last couple of days.

The meteorological department officials caution that the high temperatures are likely to continue for another two days. This is primarily due to north-westerly winds that are blowing across the district. There is a deviation of 5 to 6 degrees from normal temperature, and dry winds are swaying as there is little moisture in the air. The situation is Vijayawada is aggravating as it is primarily rocky area, explains assistant meteorologist R.V. Subba Rao.

Likewise, the monsoon has not entered the district yet. Usually, till the onset of the monsoon, the months of May-June are the hottest with the temperatures often hovering in the range of 40 to 44 degrees Celsius. The monsoon is advancing towards the district. And, it would enter the district by June 10, while entire district would be covered by June 15, he says.

Locals are trying to protect themselves from heatstroke and problems. People prefer to remain indoors to escape the scorching sun and the hot winds of air.

People have been wearing dark glasses and masking their faces to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

The hustle and bustle on the streets has gone as the roads look deserted. It has been so hot that people have started wearing masks, caps and are using umbrellas when outdoor.

Warm nights

Driving two-wheelers has become a cruel experience for most. People prefer to stay indoors and those out on the street are thronging water stalls to quench their thirst. The hot winds are making things worse. It has been scorching during the day, but what is alarming is that there is no respite even after the sunset. The nights have been getting warm.

The meteorological department forecasted the thunder showers on Monday night, and a slight drop in temperature.

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