‘Interface between student and teacher should not be undermined’

Thought provoking arguments on e-learning/e-journals formed part of a seminar on ‘User/Librarian partnership in creating successful consortia’ organised by Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences here.

At the inaugural session here on Wednesday, Director Medical Education K. Vishnu Prasad expressed the view that a gap between teacher and student was increasing with the introduction of concepts like e-journals. The students were more inclined to ‘e way of learning’ as everything was available at a click of a button. The advances and technological developments help the mankind, the interface between student and teacher should not be undermined, he opined.

Any technology needs to have an ethical and legal protection, more particularly, in the field of health and medicine.

“You are not dealing with machines, nuts and bolts, but with the human lives. Let my students learn any new technology. But, the learning should be through teacher, who alone can teach how to care of a patient with love and affection,” he said, adding, “the charisma of medicine lies in saving the lives.”

On the other side of coin, UHS Vice Chancellor, I. V. Rao said, the technologies bridged the distance between a patient and a doctor.

For instance, with the telemedicine, Dr. Rao said, the top consultants were able to guide the doctors treating the patients at remote locations. Referring to a science fiction film, ‘Fantastic Voyage’, he said: “what was a considered as a fiction 60 years ago is a reality in medicine.” The Vice Chancellor, stressing on the importance of e-learning, suggested the librarians to post the information about latest articles and information published in medical journals on regular basis on the notice boards. It would give an impetus to the faculty and students, he added.

University Registrar A. Siva Prasad, Rector M.V. Ramanamma, Reed Elsevier India South Asia Health Science Division Managing Director Rohit Kumar, NTRMEDNET Consortium coordinator C. Padmavathi Devi and others spoke.