The Joint Action Committee of Unified Andhra Pradesh (Krishna district) has decided to take on its counterpart in Telangana by exposing its ‘lack of confidence and faith’ in the agitation for bifurcation of the State.

JAC convener Kolanukonda Sivaji said on Monday half the battle was won for the united Andhra Pradesh movement, as the leaders of bifurcation agitation had admitted defeat even before the Srikrishna Committee started making its consultations. The opposition to the committee exposed chinks in their own movement and doubts in their leadership. “If they are really confident, why don’t they argue their case before the committee?” he asked.

Mr. Sivaji asserted that it also amounted to admission of defeat by TRS leader K. Chandrasekhara Rao when he asked the MLAs to resign in protest against the committee’s terms of reference. KCR and his men seemed totally lacking in confidence about the strength of their movement. When they shouted till now about the 50 long years of history of the struggle for separate State, what prevented them from welcoming the Srikrishna Committee, he asked. Mr. Sivaji challenged the TRS and KCR to come clean on the separatist issue and prove before the committee that their agitation and consequential unrest and loss in the State were not meaningless.

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