Over 200 malaria cases reported from rural areas

Guntur district is reeling under seasonal fevers with increasing incidences of epidemic fevers in the district. The fevers are rampant in low-lying areas in villages in Amaravathi, Thullur and Tenali mandals.

Lack of effective preventive measures and an action plan during monsoon to curb the spread of epidemic diseases are being cited as the main reason.

“We have got about 50 cases in GGH relating to viral fevers. Most of the cases are being referred to Paediatric and General wards,'' Government General Hospital Superintendent Ch. Mohan Rao said on Sunday.

An indication of the alarming nature of the fevers came to the fore when a child with suspected dengue symptoms was referred to GGH some time back but fortunately, the boy was found to have a normal platelet count ruling out the possibility of dengue.

Reports of rampant viral fevers in Angalakuduru in Tenali rural, Pedaparimi in Amaravathi and Nambur in Pedakakani mandals are being pouring in. A Medical and Health Department bulletin said that there were 4.39 lakh fever cases, out of which 283 cases were confirmed as malaria fevers, though there might be more cases which have not been recorded.

The District Medical and Health Department opened four medical camps at Reddypalem in Karampudi mandal, Lingamguntla thanda in Bollapalli mandal, Pedaparimi in Thullur mandal and at Chebrolu. Unhygienic conditions and over flowing drainage are being cited as the main reason for the rampant spread of viral fevers.

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