An Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), K. Srihari, is creating awareness among people on thefts at banks, chain snatchings, gold polishing gangs and other crimes by making short films.

Mr Srihari, an ASI attached to Clues Team, has been wielding the camera for some years with an intention of alerting people to be vigilant against attention diversion gangs and robbers.

He had earlier made two documentaries on prevention of HIV/AIDS and a documentary on thefts in autorickshaws, is now wielding the camera again to make a documentary on thefts near the banks.

“We come across crimes with different modus operandi during investigation. I observed that people can prevent most of the offences, if they are alert. My aim is to caution people and protect them from robbers,’’ said Mr Srihari, who is the in charge of Clues Team.

Guntur Urban Superintendent of Police Gopinath Jatty recently inaugurated a short film titled, ‘Parahushar’, on attention diversion gangs at banks and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

The CDs of the documentary would be handed over to the banks, which in turn would screen the films to alert the customers, said the ASI.

Mr. Srihari explains the various ways by which tricksters divert the attention of the public to rob them in the documentaries. To prevent chain and wallet snatchings, women should coil the sari or ‘chunni’ around their necks while moving on roads and while on journeys.

Women should not open the doors and come out immediately when a stranger knocks the door, and inform the neighbours and the police concerned when they went on a tour to avoid thefts, said Mr. Srihari. His short films might soon find their way into public spaces, like APSRTC, South Central Railway, cinema theatres and private travel operators.

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