Machilipatnam division is the lone exception

Groundwater is getting depleted faster than it is getting recharged in 16 mandals of Krishna district and the groundwater levels are falling in them every year, according to a study made by the Groundwater Department. Two mandals have been categorised as ‘Over Exploited'.

Analysing groundwater data of the past three decades the department experts found that water level was getting depleted faster than recharge in seven mandals in Nuzvid revenue division, seven mandals in Vijayawada division and two mandals in Gudivada division. There is, however, no depletion of groundwater in all the mandals of Machilipatnam Revenue Division.

Groundwater Department Deputy Director A. Varaprasada Rao told The Hindu that in a study done by him he had found that groundwater was getting depleted at the rate of 13.5 feet per annum in Musunuru mandal, 10 feet per annum in Bapulapadu mandal and one foot per year in Gannavaram, Nuzvid and Vissannapeta mandals of Nuzvid Revenue Division.

The rate of groundwater depletion was 2 feet per annum in Penamaluru Mandal of Vijayawada revenue division.

In all other mandals the rate of depletion per annum was less than a foot – Mandavalli 6 cm, Mudinepalli 10 cm, Chandarlapadu 4 cm, Mylavaram 7 cm, Vijayawada 11 cm, Kankipadu 12 cm and Thotlavaluru 10 cm.

Hardrock area

Mr. Varaprasada Rao said the district had been divided into 57 groundwater basins. The hardrock area was divided into 27 basins. Present estimate shows four groundwater basins – Musunuru, Nuzvid, Ganginenipalem, and Chillaboinapalli – have been over exploited. The revenue mandals of Nuzvid and Musunuru have been categorised as ‘Over Exploited'.

The annual depletion of groundwater is not happening in all mandals. Levels are rising annually in some mandals.

The table is rising at the rate of 5 cm in Kalidindi, 10 cm per annum in Kaikaluru and 4.5 cm in Nandivada mandals of Gudivada revenue division. Similarly it is rising at the rate of 8 cm per annum in Penuganchiprolu and 8 cm in Nandigama and10 cm in Veerulapadu mandals of Vijayawada Revenue division and at the rate of 1.5 feet in Gampalagudem, one foot in Tiruvuru, 5 cm in A. Konduru and 5 cm in Reddigudem of Nuzvid revenue division.

An abnormal rise in groundwater also causes problems leading to water logging, Mr. Varaprasada Rao said.

There was no rise or depletion of the groundwater in the rest of the mandals which were mostly in the delta area, he said.

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