Kosuru Purnachandra Rao finds his daily 60-km bus journey the best way to address the myriad issues of girl-child.

At a time when female foeticide is increasing and enrolment of the girl-child in government schools is falling, a physical education teacher Kosuru Purnachandra Rao finds his daily 60-km bus journey the best way to address myriad issues of girl-child.

Mr. Rao, who takes journeys between Avanigadda and Z.P. High School, Movva, where he is working as teacher, starts by persuading passengers to send their girl-child to school. “Some passengers ask me about my quest and why am I disturbing their journey. My stock response to them is a detailed presentation narrating the pathetic stage of the girl-child in rural pockets and their drop-out statistics,” said Mr. Purnachandra Rao.

In his typical attire, he always carries an audio system and speaker for easy communication with the passengers. On holidays, one can see him in villages where he counsels illiterate parents and the poor -- those who cannot afford to send their children to the school. “My most cherished moments are the ones I had with the villagers. I am happy that many parents have realised the importance of education and are sending their girls to school now,” the proud teacher told The Hindu.

Being a teacher, people in villages pay attention to his topics which range from female foeticide, education for girls, and games for boys, apart from eco-friendly lifestyle, he says. He was very disappointed that his attempts went in vain when he tried to help the Yanadi tribal children to become literate. Nowadays, he is targeting different sections of people at public gatherings and family functions where he draws their attention for a discussion on girl-child and the due role she deserves in the society.

Being a physical education teacher, he is credited with producing many state level players, too.