Face painting contest held by ALC’s Visual Communication Department

ALL KA HELL reads like ALCOHOL in SMS language, the lingo of the youngsters today. “Say no to ‘All ka hell’, say yes to life” –, alcohol causes hell to all, was the theme of the Face Painting competition conducted by the Andhra Loyola College Visual Communication Department.

The message seemed to be striking and even more important than the medium in the contest organised on the college premises on Friday.

The winning face paintings scored marks for the concept rather than for the colour composition or painting skills.

Three-membered teams from different colleges contested to win the prize. The first prize went to a face painting with a liquor bottle in the middle of the face enclosing the nose and the top of the bottle on the forehead. On the cheeks were two mangala sutrams for symmetry.

Below the mangala sutrams were depicted a Holy Book on one cheek and the Menorah on the other, the seven branched lamp stand of the Jews, implying that all religions are against alcohol. Much like T-Shirts the artists used colours, forms and words to get across the message. A number of the artists painted the bottle standing vertical, but some depicted the bottle in more creative ways. One team used the mask of the Batman’s Joker to speak out against the evil of alcoholism. Andhra Loyola College principal Fr. G.A. Peter Kishore said that he liked the theme of the first Face Painting Competition, “Gender discrimination” last year. The principal said that he was coming across more number of parents who were happy to have just a daughter. Maris Stella College Sister superior and correspondent Sr. Alberta gave away the prizes.

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