A team of engineers from the World Bank assessed the condition of tidal bank between Polatithippa and Malakayya Lanka villages in Machilipatnam mandal.

Government Whip Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) accompanied the team that came to make a third-party quality assessment of the tidal banks, bridges, and the sites identified for the construction of cyclone shelters in these cyclone-prone areas.

Assessment Committee head by Chief Engineer Bhavanarayana and National Cyclone Rehabilitation Mitigation Project Chief Engineer R. Venkateswarlu interacted with people of Pallethummalapalem, Kona, Ullipalem, Kammavaricheruvu and, Mallakayya Lanka.

The leaders of the village told the experts that they were facing problems because of the poor condition of the tidal bank.

The experts covered the entire 18-km stretch from Polatithippa to Malakayya Lanka to assess the condition. They spent a lot of time noting down details of the breach in the tidal bank at Pallethummalapallem and the dilapidated condition of the tidal bank near Kona village. The team studied the spot identified for the construction of a bridge between Bhavanipuram and Ullipalem at an estimated cost of Rs.59 crore.

The Government Whip said the State government had earmarked Rs.90 crore for strengthening the 18-km stretch of the tidal bank.

Mr. Bhavanarayana said six cyclone shelters would be constructed in various places in Machilipatnam Assembly constituency. He said about Rs.1 crore would be spent on each of the shelters.

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