The Excise and Prohibition Department raked in a moolah at the end of auction held at Bandlamudi Gardens on Monday. The total estimated revenue from the three Excise districts of Guntur, Tenali and Narsaraopet touched an all-time high of Rs.513.80 crore for 2010-2012, a huge jump of 153 per cent from 2008-2010.

A liquor outlet at Nadikudi in Narsaraopet Excise district went for a record Rs.5.21 crore with V. Narasimha Rao bagging the bid. Excise sources said that this was the highest amount ever recorded in the State.

The second highest bid was recorded at Dachepalli with another businessman winning the bid after quoting Rs.4.90 crore, followed by an outlet in Dachepalli-2 which went for Rs.4.20 crore. Narsaraopet Excise district fetched the highest Rs.232 crore, followed by Guntur (Rs.141.85 crore) and Tenali (Rs.140 crore).

That the excise bids would touch the roof was beyond doubt as the department raised the upset prices steeply. For instance, the earnings during the auctions held in 2008-2010 fetched Rs.59.48 crore in Guntur Excise district and the upset price for 2010-2012 was quoted at RS.68.40.

Tenali and Narsaraopet districts too fetched record earnings.

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