With the demand for fuel and power increasing by the day, students of Potti Sriramulu Chalavadi Mallikharjuna Rao College of Engineering and Technology (PSCMRCET) have come out with an innovative idea by designing ‘solar car’, which can also be used for electrification of houses.

Four students – K. Vamsi Srinivas, P. Murali Krishna, E. Anand and Y. Vinod Babu – of final year Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) branch, designed the solar energy vehicle, under the guidance of EEE Department Head B. Madhu Kiran.

Three solar panels are arranged on the roof of the car and four batteries fixed to it. The vehicle runs for 10 hours at 35 km per hour speed if charged for five hours. In case of emergency the batteries can be charged with conventional power too.

They are planning to tap wind energy while the vehicle is on the move, which will improve mileage and battery capacity. When the car is not in use, the solar car can be used to meet electricity needs of a house, says Vamsi Krishna. The solar car was designed in 45 days, with an investment of Rs.70,000 borne by the institute, he said.

Many industrialists are enquiring about the solar car design. Students are planning to apply for patent rights and prepare more model, institute Training and Placement Officer P. Srinivasa Rao told The Hindu on Monday. “Solar car can also be used for operating agricultural pump sets to water the crops,” said Mr. Madhu Kiran.

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