Hailing from Dokiparru in Krishna district Paul Sudhakar Veerla has been developing a space rocket – Single Stage To Orbit (SSTO), that is reusable and addresses the problem of safe landing of the astronauts.

Mr. Sudhakar is pursuing engineering first year in Rocket and Aircraft Designing at the Kharkiv Aviation Institute of the National Aerospace University, Ukraine.

“The key structural design and Aero Dynamics of the SSTO were completed and final stage of engine systems is in progress. Completing the design might take another three years before going for approval of the Space authorities,” said Mr. Sudhakar.

The United States-based National Space Society (NSS), an international non-profit educational and scientific organisation, has been extending its technical support and expertise to Mr. Sudhakar.

“In response to my presentation on developing the SSTO, the NSS space scientists promised me timely support. The SSTO is being designed to be able to take maximum of 15 astronauts into orbit and smoothening landing process on earth,” he said.

It also minimises the fuel consumption for its operations, Mr. Sudhakar told The Hindu. The SSTO is being designing for horizontal take off and landing.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which does not have a reusable space rocket so far, is also engaged in developing the reusable rocket by 2025.

Being an Indian Space Ambassador to the NSS, Mr. Sudhakar will launch a national campaign in Indian cities on former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream project ‘Space Solar Power Project (SSPP)’, a Kalam-NSS initiation.

“Discussions with the ISRO scientists and Mr. Abdul Kalam about the space science matters are some of his memories. Interacting with international space scientists at the NSS meets in 2012 and 2013 were some of his exciting experiences,” said Mr. Sudhakar.

He bagged third place in the Space Settlement Design Contest of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2011 and 2013.