The universities are also offering scholarships to students with good scores

The Chopras, a global educational consultancy, organised a seminar on education opportunities in Australia, UK and New Zealand, here on Thursday.

The counsellors Amrit and Rakhi, on the occasion, said that there was a surge in the students aspiring to study at universities in Australia and UK.

The students were looking for opportunities in research in fields like bio-sciences. The universities were offering scholarships to the students who had exceptionally good scores.


It was myth that the tuition fee etc. was high in UK and Australia compared to US. The students were also allowed to work 20 hours a week during term time and full time during holidays in Australia, they said.

When asked about racism in Australia, they said that the students need not worry about the incidents that took place at Australia.

The racism is a very big word. “It was just a hype of isolated incidents of robbery.

The minor incidents were blown out of proportions,” said Amrit. The students told that the problem was not really that big as projected in media, she said.

Speaking on services of The Chopras, Ms. Rakhi said that they offer a wide range of services.

Unlike many educational consultancies, ‘The Chopras' do not have franchises. Across the country, The Chopras have their own branches.

The students were guided to find solutions best suited to their profile and or constraints. The short listing of the Universities was a personalised process.

Many a things were taken into consideration before suggesting a course or university. The student interest, academic scores; technical examination, and the complete profile of the student strength and weaknesses were some of the factors considered before short listing the university, she added.

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