State mulls two options; bridge on river Krishna and flyover on existing road

The State government prepared a detailed project report (DPR) to construct a flyover over the bottleneck at the foot of Indrakeeladri Hill. Two viable options have been prepared: constructing a flyover or bridge over river Krishna or a flyover on the existing road.

A four-lane road will come up at the bottleneck to ease the traffic congestion near the ghat road to Kanakadurga temple. The government is yet to finalise the option and send the DPR to the Central government for necessary action.

The bridge on river Krishna is estimated to cost more than Rs. 300 crore. The proposed bridge will start near Kummaripalem centre and land at Sitammavaripadalu. Two obstacles will have to be surmounted however. The Irrigation Department will have to give its consent as the bridge has to cross the Prakasam Barrage. The second obstacle will be convincing the Central Government to take up a project with its cost touching Rs. 300 crore.

The second option of flyover on the existing road is estimated to cost about Rs. 100 crore, which would be just under the cut-off point suggested by the Centre. However, some houses might have to be demolished.

Union Minister of State for Surface Transport Sarve Satyanarayana, during his visit to the city in April 2013, assured that the Centre would fund the project if the cost did not exceed Rs. 100 crore.


The bottleneck at the foot of Indrakeeladri hill atop which is the Kanakadurga temple leads to frequent traffic jam on national highway beyond Bhavanipuram. The traffic problem worsens during festival season.

The flyover was mooted as a solution for the mounting traffic woes.

The people living in Vidyadharapuram, Bhavanipuram and One Town face hardships due to frequent traffic jams on this narrow stretch between the hill and the river. It is expected that the flyover would ease this problem.

The proposal hangs in balance and has become a topic between political parties.

When contacted, Vijayawada (West) MLA Vellampalli Srinivas said that the project would commence as early as possible.

The DPR has been prepared and there is an assurance from the Central Government as well.

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