‘Parrots eat away crop causing loss to the orchard owner’

Here is a caution notice to the farmers who are keen on growing guava or sapota. The marketing of guava is very difficult and there were practical problems involved in growing both the fruits if Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy were to be believed.

Interacting with farmers in Rudravaram, the Chief Minister asserted that the marketing of guava is very difficult. “I have an old guava orchard in Chittoor district. I know the marketing problems involved in it,” he said, adding, “The parrots eat away the crop causing losses to the orchard owner. Guava and sapota are similar in nature.” Mr. Reddy was reacting to Vasya Naik, a farmer, who plans to develop guava or sapota orchard in his 2-acre land. Mr. Naik said that he and his family had about 10 acres of land. “We are planning to grow guava in two acres now that the borewell and drip are available under the Indira Jala Prabha,” Mr. Naik said.

The Chief Minister shared his knowledge on mulberry cultivation as well. Konda Kanthamma, another farmer, said that she was cultivating mulberry for the first time. “You have to be careful in mulberry cultivation. It demands a lot of attention. You have to feed them during night also else the ‘pattu purugu’ (silk worm) would die,” explained Mr. Reddy.

Mr. Reddy, earlier, inaugurated Indira Jala Prabha block that would cater to the needs of 41.40 acre belonging to 20 ST and 4 SC families here. The Indira Jala Prabha block was constructed with a total cost of Rs.10.39 lakh.

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