Woman non-gazetted officers pray to Goddess Kanakadurga for unified State

They are from different walks of life and they are striving in different ways, but their goal is the same. They want good job opportunities for their children. They want their own jobs to be secure and the Telugus to be together.

Woman non-gazetted officers prayed to Goddess Kanakadurga the way they usually do for the welfare of their family.

The women applied turmeric paste to the steps going up the Indrakeeladri hill and applied vermillion. Dressed in their best silk saris they applied turmeric paste and vermillion in turns to every one of the temple step.

For job security

This is done to appease the goddess and get her to grant boons. In this case the boon the woman NGOs want was job security. “If the State is divided there is no security to our jobs. In the reorganisation we have to take any transfer given to use. Not only that there are doubts about the new government having the capacity pay our salaries,” said Ms K.Sumalatha.

The strike of the Municipal employees entered the 35 day on Monday. The employees on strike have been taking turns to participate in the relay fast that they launched on the first day of the strike.

TDP leader Veluri Naidu expressed solidarity to the employees who were on relay fast today. Addressing a gathering Mr. Naidu said that the people of Seemandhra would have to face several problems if the State was divided.

He said all Parliament members should resign immediately and join the agitation against the proposed division. He said preventing the division of the State would prevent the disintegration of the country, he said.

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