Congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh’s role is akin to the toy figure of a watchman who pushes open the door every hour in a great hurry to beat the melodious gong to indicate time in the musical clock displayed at one of the galleries of Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, Krishna district APNGOs JAC chairman A. Vidya Sagar said in a lighter vein.

“As a little child, I was curious to know more about the man who mechanically appears to beat the gong and disappears. I poked my father in vain. Curiosity grew with age and I visited the museum once again with school friends and prodded them. But they knew as little as me. In college days, yet another attempt to know about the ‘gong man’ failed,” he said as the audience listened in rapt attention.

“Only during my recent visit, I came to know his name,” said Mr. Sagar as people impatiently waited for him to spell it out. “His name is Digvijay Singh,” he said and triggered a laugh riot.

“Like the gong man, Digvijay Singh who spends most of his time in air-conditioned rooms and has no clue about the repercussions of bifurcation, makes an abrupt appearance every now and then to announce either ‘grant’ of separate Telangana or to inform that the bifurcation process has been set in motion,” he said.


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