Speakers at the inaugural of a techno-cultural festival organised by the PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology (PVP SIT) here on Friday underlined the importance of personality, integrity, character and discipline in carving out a bright career for the students in any field they work.

Commissioner of Police Amit Garg, who was the chief guest at the inaugural, described as unfortunate the tendency among youngsters of using fake documents to go abroad to study or for emigration. This tendency, he said, should be discouraged by making sincere efforts, considering its ill-effects in the long run for the students and also the country. He made a fervent plea to the students to aim at achieving a steady and stable progress in their studies and careers, rather than try to gain swift success by employing dubious means.

Mr. Garg made a special mention of a complaint made by the anti-fraud cell of the US Consulate to the city police commissionerate about the fake documents allegedly presented by a youngster in his bid to secure visa to go to the US. He advised the students not to resort to such offences notwithstanding the immediate benefits involved in doing so, because such instances would definitely make them regret at a later stage.

Interactive session

During a spirited interaction with the students, Mr. Garg said in reply to a poser from a girl student that the police officers were really struggling to curtain fraudulent websites so that the students and youngsters would not be able to create fake documents in the first instance. “We have been trying to talk to the agencies and websites. But there is no good response. Students should realise and avoid the thought of using fake documents. It is a matter of character and integrity. It reflects on everyone concerned,” he remarked.

The students asked questions on a range of burning issues like corruption plaguing all sections of society, indifferent political class and non-responsive administration. Mr. Garg said that corruption and harassment might cause some delay for anybody to get some work done but one should not resort to bribing under any circumstance to get a work done.

Siddhartha Academy of General and Technical Education secretary N. Venkateswarlu, college convener Devabhakthuni Sambasiva Rao, principal K. Srinivasu and others were on the dais.

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