Apology sought from film’s director and producer

Telugu movie ‘Denikaina Ready’ starring Manchu Vishnu and Hansika has come under fire from various Brahmin organisations and associations in Vijayawada.

The associations, on Thursday, registered their protests alleging that the film contains some scenes that hurt the sentiments of the community.

At a press conference, Brahmana Abhyudaya Seva Samithi demanded an apology from the director and producer of the film for portraying Brahmins in bad light.

“Brahmins are taking to the streets against the poor portrayal of characters purported to be from the community in the recently released film. The agitation will be intensified if the government does not respond to the demand,” samithi president T.V.K.S. Sastry said.

Filmmakers should not be allowed to insult Brahmins or any caste just to make some money. Theatre managements and the State government should take up the responsibility.

The government should appoint sensible people on the Censor Board and see to it that no film caused any hurt to the sentiments of any caste, he said and added that “legal action has already been initiated.”

Samithi secretary Mandalaparthi Satyasrihari and vice-president Vedantam Chaitanya said the film ‘A woman in Brahmanism’ was also stated to be hurting the sentiments of Brahmins. Theatre managements had been requested not to screen the film.

‘Pinda pradanam’

In the evening, a group of Brahmins, under the aegis of the Brahmin Youth Federation, led by Yeleswarapu Jaganmohana Raju, performed ‘pinda pradanam’ and “last rites” as a mark of protest at Lenin Centre and Raghavaiah Park. Samithi members Balaram, Jinka Chandrasekhar, and Pulipaka Harikrishna were present.

Ban film: MP

MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao is in favour of a ban on the movie ‘A woman in Brahmanism’ in view of the aspersions it cast on the character of Brahmin women.

Interestingly, he stated in a letter written to Ambika Soni, whose portfolio (Information & Broadcasting) has since been changed, that Brahmins should not be neglected at any stage as they are Congress party’s vote bank.

Issuing censor certificate to the controversial movie is atrocious and a Himalayan blunder, he said. The producers and director of the film had lowered the reputation of the community who uphold “Bharat culture, traditions, and customs.” Those who heaped insulted on them by showing them in a derogatory manner should be given a deterrent punishment, he said.


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