Power holiday duration increased to 12 days

Tough days are ahead for industries in the district. Power holiday has been extended to 12 days in a month from the existing 5 days.

If the power generation scenario in the State is any indication, the span of power holiday is likely to go up further, sources say.

The revised power holiday is not uniform to all industries and is applicable to continuous process industries such as cement, ferro alloys, chemical, and steel. Spinning mills will have to down their shutters for two days in a week. The power holiday is being implemented in three batches for companies other than spinning mills.

Load relief

The SPDCL has asked the industries to limit their power requirements to 60 per cent of recoded maximum demand. The industries would also have to limit their load to 60 per cent.

The SDPCL has been implementing a load relief of 4 lakh units per day for industries.

As much as 8.5 million units (MU) are allocated to the SPDCL every day. Nearly 30 to 40 per cent of the allocated power is consumed by the industries.

According to information, the authorities have asked the industries to submit their power requirements for the next couple of months to avoid future complications.

The SPDCL will purchase power from outside (open market) to meet their requirement.

About 12 companies have submitted their requirement from January to May and are willing to purchase extra power.

The proposals have been forwarded to the AP Transco. The total requirement of these companies cannot be ascertained immediately as their demand keeps fluctuating. Availability of power also needs to be taken into consideration, officials say.

There are 14,350 industrial units in Krishna district under the SPDCL jurisdiction. Of these, 40 industrial connections, including 12 spinning mills, are major industries in the district.

Evening peak load

The evening peak load restrictions remain the same for every industrial connection in the range of 5 HP to 15 MW.

The SPDCL has asked them to confine their power consumption to lighting between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.