The jumbo festival committee constituted by the State government seems to be not serving the purpose for which it is meant — ensuring a hassle-free dharsan for devotees thronging Indrakeeladri, the abode of goddess Kanaka Durga, during Dasara festivities.

The sub-committees constituted with members of the festival committee too is not living up to the expectations of devotees, as its members are mostly confined to the temple and the ‘antaralaya’ (sanctum sanctorum).

On Sunday, the temple was witness to arguments between committee members and the police, which led to delay in darsan for the common man.

The temple management had to stop the ‘antaralaya darsahn’ in view of heavy rush of pilgrims.

Devotees who purchased Rs. 250 VIP ticket too were also not allowed ‘antaralaya darsan’. But, the committee members were seen arguing with the staff on duty to ensure ‘antaralaya darsan’ for their kith and kin.

The frequent tiffs slowed down the movement of the queues.

Irked by the snail’s pace at which the queues moved, devotees standing in lines were seen entering into an argument with the security personnel.

A police inspector posted near the Rajagopuram went inside to check why the lines were not moving fast though the ‘antaralaya darsan’ was stopped. He took exception to the committee members insisting on being provided ‘antaralaya darsan’.

There were some tense moments when the police inspector posted near the sanctum sanctorum joined the row. Both inspectors had a wordy duel and lodged complaints against one another with their respective superiors.

Unmindful of the inconvenience caused to devotees, the committee members continued to come with their followers in tow for the ‘antaralaya darsan’, which invited widespread criticism.

Separate committees had been constituted for nityannadanam, queuelines, prasadam quality, water supply, food packets supply and quality, sanitation, keshakhandana, durga ghat, security, free prasadam distribution, media facilities, and kumkumarchana.

The term of these committees ends on October 24.

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