Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad, who resigned from his post, has asked the Congress Central Working Committee (CWC) to “reconsider” the decision to divide the state.

Members of Samaikyandhra Student JAC organised sporting event at the Benz Circle and cooked breakfast as part of protest to oppose division of the State.

The leaders asked CWC to withdraw the decision taking into consideration the public outcry against division in Seemandhra region. Addressing a press conference along with former Minister Devineni Rajasekhar (Nehru) here on Monday, Mr. Buddha Prasad asked the Opposition Telugu Desam Party, to state its stand on joining the "people's movement" to prevent the division of the State.

They opined that the issue was no more in the realm of politics/political leaders because it involved the feelings of Telugus living all over the world and not just those living in a particular region.

Mr. Buddha Prasad and Mr. Rajasekhar said that all political parties including the Congress were responsible for the proposed creation of Telangana. They invited the TDP to propose the name of a “non-controversial” leader to lead the people’s movement for a united state from their side.

“We are giving the opportunity to the Telugu Desam to show that they are earnest, but Mr. Buddha Prasad is ready to quit from the Congress party to lead the movement if necessary," Mr. Rajasekhar said.

Asked why they waited till now to react, the leaders said that they were integrationists from the beginning. The party high command had told them to show restraint and that the state would not be divided.

The situation changed when all political parties tried to project the Congress as the only obstacle and the AICC president Sonia Gandhi told the MPs and some senior leaders that the party also had to take a stand on Telangana.

But the unfortunate thing was that the MPs and senior leaders did not convey it to the rest, they said.