Observing that there were many similarities in the cultures of India and Italy, the Mayor of the city of Udine in Italy, Furio Honsell, on Friday expressed hope that the two countries would join hands to develop the fields of science and technology and tourism.

“India is ahead of many other developing countries in the fields of science and technology and our country needs technological support from India in many fields. Both the countries have beautiful tourist spots that can be introduced to the citizens of the other country through exchange programmes,” Prof. Honsell opined, while addressing the corporators in the council hall of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC).

Prof. Honsell, who is also the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Udine, spoke of his plan to build a science centre in his city for which he entered into an agreement with the Hyderabad-based B.M. Birla Science Centre. He came to the city along with Director of the B.M. Birla Science Centre B.G. Sidharth to visit the Regional Science Centre at Bhavanipuram.

“People of both India and Italy enjoy good food, are proud of their rich cultural heritage and work hard to come up in life. They can do wonders if both the countries join hands and take up collaborative projects,” he said during his interaction with the corporators. When Mayor M.V. Ratna Bindu explained to him the process of formation of the general body and the representation of various political parties in it, Prof. Honsell noted that there were some similarities in the functioning of Mayors of Udine and Vijayawada. “I have five-year tenure too, and two years are already over,” he said.

Thanking the Mayor and corporators for extending a warm welcome to him, Prof. Honsell said he had a wonderful experience visiting the city. “I have seen the impact of the nature’s fury and I wish you will recover from the loss as soon as possible,” he said, referring to the recent floods in the Krishna.

Deputy Mayor S.P. Gritton and floor leaders of all political parties introduced themselves to Prof. Honsell. Ms. Ratna Bindu took him around the council building and various chambers.

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