Exploration of creative ideas became possible when the budding engineering brains converged at ‘Aakanksha 2010' held at Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College in Tirupati.

With creativity becoming the ‘in' thing among students in the era of competition, the hundred and odd working exhibits at the exhibition bore testimony to the enthusiasm of young engineers in finding a solution to the common problems.


The remote controlled-motor starters, automatic seed sowing machine, material handling using conveyor belt and portable 3-Axis power-operated drilling machine are set to benefit the working and farming classes in the countryside, while the demonstrative exhibits on mobile phone charging using a dynamo, vehicle tracking system, non-conventional energy resources, FM radio and blue disc are some of the aspects that will become the ‘order of the day' in the urban areas.

These apart, there was an exclusive ‘Mathematics show' with 300 models making use of various mathematical applications, such as the Newton's Law of Cooling in detecting the time of death of a cadaver, constructing bridges and many theorems behind mathematics.

Dr. Krishna Gandhi, Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Anantapur, inaugurated the expo and went around the stalls, accompanied by Krishna Teja group chairperson Dr. C. Sucharitha. There was tremendous response from the engineering student community from in and around Tirupati for the event. Of the 660 papers received, only 40 were presented at the sessions.

Group CEO N. Govinda Reddy was also present.

Keywords: Creative minds

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