Financial crimes are on the rise in the city, says party leader

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) will take up discussion on impact of the liberalised economic policies being followed by United Progressive Alliance, at its Vijayawada Division conclave beginning Saturday.

The three-day conclave to be organised at the Shadikhana in Singhnagar in the city, will deal with several problems that arise out of the policy decisions of the State government and the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation beginning with steep hike in house tax up to 450 per cent. Party city unit secretary R. Raghu and State Committee member Ch. Babu Rao told reporters that it was the relentless public agitation taken up by the party cadre in the city and district that several policy decisions were reversed.


Drought conditions was the key issue that would draw attention of about 250 delegates invited to attend the conclave.

“Both the ruling and Opposition parties buy votes and ensure that the issues on which elections should have been fought get relegated to the background,” Mr. Raghu said.

Financial crimes were on the rise in the city that was once known for political clashes and murders.

The political crime had subsided, but the high living cost was pushing the poor to the fringes.

The house rents were very high and health and education had become so unaffordable that many of the middle and low income group population was landing in debt trap, he said.

The multi-national and large employers were fleecing the working women by providing them small jobs at home at a very low wages ranging from Rs.20 a day to Rs.100 a day for putting in about 12 hours to 18 hours of work, said Mr. Babu Rao.

District-level meet

Krishna District with 13 party divisions will have its district-level conclave at Gannavaram on January 4 and 5; at which 30 delegates from the city committee will go to district conclave.

The State conclave will be held at Khammam in February and the national conclave at Kozhikode in April.