Faults ACCI for inviting Venkaiah Naidu to talk on development

The Andhra Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)’s move to organise a talk by senior BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu incurred the wrath of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M). It would be disastrous and suicidal if the BJP was not kept at bay. The people and political parties were requested not to fall prey to BJP’s development mantra, the CPI(M) cautioned.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, CPI (M) district secretary R. Raghu said it was nothing short of suicidal and disastrous to welcome the BJP and its philosophy. The BJP has been trying to tell the people it was more aggressive than the Congress with regard to liberal policies. Unfortunately, bodies like the ACCI asked Mr. Naidu to speak on development.

BJP slammed

The BJP, which has minimal presence in Seemandhra, has intensified its efforts to gain ground in Seemandhra by chanting the development mantra, he said.

The BJP was the main culprit and responsible for division of State. The BJP has been claiming that it suggested amendments to AP Reorganisation Bill, but never insisted that its amendments be incorporated in the Bill. It was taking shelter under amendments and development mantra. People from all walks of life, including ACCI, were requested to make a note of the recent developments, he said.

The BJP never believed in federal system, and its roots could be traced to RSS former chief Golwalkar, who felt that the federal system needed to be buried. The BJP was propagating Golwalkar’s ideology in a refined manner that it favoured smaller states.

It wanted to bring in US type democracy in the country, which could be disastrous, he said. CPI(M) senior leaders V. Umamaheswara Rao and Y. Kesava Rao also spoke.

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