The homemakers in the City can now have an option of doing something creative with the introduction of a new “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” (EDP) course in fashion designing.

At the inception of the programme at Samana Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT), it was introduced in a special seminar by celebrity designer Shravan Kumar from Hyderabad.

The specially targeted course for women will train them in production and marketing of fashionable garments.

“My main intention behind starting this course is to increase the economic standards of women in Vijayawada”, said SIFT CEO Samana Moosavi.

Many women already do some sort of clothes designing from their homes, but they lack proper knowledge about the whole process, she observed.

The course, in 116 sessions over a period of three months, will train them in all the aspects of production house, she added.

The course planned in collaboration with the management of National Institute of Fashion Technology will have classes from renowned designers like Shravan Kumar, P.L. Panda, Krishna Mehta and Zubin Vakil.

Students will be required to spend a minimum of six hours daily for the course but the timings are flexible if a group of people come together, said the CEO.


Admissions have already begun for the course and the Institute also provides the facility of getting interested students banking support on their guarantee.

Designer Shravan Kumar gave a special presentation to the students on the changing fashion trends over the world like the Japanese asymmetry. Later, he checked out designs of the students for their upcoming show and gave personal inputs.

“Give a surprise element which your city people are unaware of”, was the advice he gave to the students.


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